Downgrade Elastic Search

I need to upgrade ES from 7.10.2 to 7.14.1, and if something goes wrong, can I automatically roll back to the previous version?

No, Elasticsearch does not support downgrades. You need to make sure you have a snapshot taken using the snapshot API that you can restore if you want to go back to the older version.

Also please note it's Elasticsearch, not Elastic Search :slight_smile:


can i use vsphere to snapshot repo?

You need to use the snapshot API. Storage level snapshots are not supported and may not work.

can i ask you one more time? so i can use only 4 type : S3, HDFS , Azure or Google Cloud Storage?

The default is shared storage, e.g. NFS volume.

Hi Christian,
can i use statefulset and make snapshot for it?

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