Elasticsearch downgrade / Restore

Hi Team,

I have multiple queries on ES Restore / Downgrade on single node

  1. Currently we have elastic server(DEV) with 7.16.2 and we would like go back to 7.3.2 but we don't have any backup snapshot of 7.3.2.
    How to proceed here. ?
    How to stop existing Elasticsearch, commands please
    Any steps please share ?

  2. In another environment (SIT), We have taken a snapshot of 7.3.2 and upgraded the ES server to 7.16.2. Now, we would like to restore on that node.

i) Is it possible to go back to old version ?
ii) Is it necessary to delete indexes, data streams before restore ?
ii) please share the steps to restore entire ES node

Environment: Single Node Unix based VM.

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