Safe way to downgrade 7.8.1 index to 7.7.1

I have ES installed using helm in kubernetes v7.8.1, we're migrating to EKS and latest supported version in Amazon Elasticsearch service is 7.7.

Trying to restore 7.8.1 snapshot in 7.7 is failing and I tried to delete and recreate elasticsearch helm with older version, that is also failing.

Is there anyway I can port my indexed data from 7.8.1 to 7.7?

Why is it failing? What do the logs show?

Elasticsearch does not support downgrading do indices from a newer version can not be read by an older one. You will need to reindex the data or have a look at Elastic Cloud, which always supports the latest Elasticsearch version. It is available on AWS and through AWS marketplace if I recall correctly.

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