Issue while Downgrading Elasticsearch from 1.7.3 to 1.5.2

Hello mates,

I am having Elasticsearch 1.7.3 installed in production server. Due to compatibility issue I am trying to downgrade the elasticsearch to 1.5.2 using debian on ubuntu, but it fails every time. I uninstalled Elasticsearch 1.7.3 completely and installed the needed one. It failed. For this I went through the following link.

I tried with elasticsearch-1.5.2.tar.gz and it works fine, but the one has to run the elasticsearch manually which is not the back-end service. For this I went through the following link.

Please guide me with this or provide such documentation which works fine.
Thank you.

You can't downgrade.
You should upgrade to something more secure and resilient than this extremely old version. We are at 7.3 nowadays.

Actually the version I am using is not compatible with the other components. That is why I need to downgrade to the specific version of elasticsearch. Still if you have any ideas about this, please help. Thanks for your concern.

Hence, now your data has been loaded in a more recent version of Elasticsearch, you cannot use the snapshot/restore facility from a greater version to a lower version.

You'd need to reindex your data from your original external source, or a possible option for such an old version of Elastiscearch would be to export the data from ES 1.7.3 cluster (in JSON or CSV) then reimport manually in the 1.5.2 cluster, but you cannot reuse the same indices stored on your disk.

In general, it is recommended to test client application with a newer version of Elasticsearch before upgrading a production server.

For now, I have no concern with the loaded data or anything. I am working on open-edx insights and the specific task requires this particular version of elasticsearch to get it done. To make it run successfully I am running elasticsearch 1.5.2 tar.gz manually. But using bash script I want to install debian version for back end process. Thanks.

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