Download actual log kibana

Hello I want to add download actual log option in all visualizations of kibana , I am using kibana 4.4.2 . kibana.bundle.js is at /opt/kibana/optimize/bundles , after creating button Download actual log i can see this button in kibana but how to put functionality behind it . I got some $scope.tables but not the message . I wanted to know is it good practice to change in that file or should i go for a plugin if plugin then what would be the concept for downloading actual logs means how i will get the data for that. All suggestions are welcomed thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You should modify the Kibana bundle directly, it changes with every build. A plugin would be the recommended way to add functionality.

I'm not sure I understand what it is you're trying to download though. If you just want the data behind the visualization, that's already available in the "spy panel" below visualizations, which is accessible from the small arrow at the bottom right (or at the very bottom before 5.0).

In there, you will see the data that's responsible for the visualization you see, and you can export it as CSV.

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