Download data from data table visualization using webapi calls

Hi ,

I want to fetch my visualize/ dashboard data in Kibana from the API
How do I approach this issue ?
I need to get the data from data table and would like to use in format and send it to users

you could use the Kibana API (runs on port 5601)

Following is a sample...

space_uri="api"  # Put this to s/<space_name>/api  if you have configured your-own space

curl -u ${creds} -X GET "${kibana_host_port}/${space_uri}/kibana/dashboards/export?dashboard=${db_id}" -o ${export_file}

let me know how it goes

Thank you Kin for the script. Do you have equivalent windows script?

I don't unfortunately. But the above should be quite easy to convert into powershell
(or could download git bash or mintty etc to do in Windows with the above linux style commands)

Hi Kin, I used the id of my visualization and getting below error. Looks like script is not recognizing the visualization id . I pulled the id from below section.


Am i doing wrong in pulling the db_id?
u295488-C02RTA4MG8WP:Junk u295488$ more /tmp/sample.json
"version": "7.4.2",
"objects": [
"id": "d1aae8a0-cd09-11ea-89ee-114cb6a733e9",
"type": "dashboard",
"error": {
"statusCode": 404,
"message": "Not found"

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