Export Download CSV data from Kibana Visualization to API

Hi Team

Is there a way to fetch CSV data from kibana visualization using FAST API?

I have created a kibana visualization using filters and am able to get the downloaded CSV data from kibana dashboard UI. Now, my requirement is to get/fetch the same data using GET API.

Also, I am able to see the request under the inspect tab, however I am not sure how to use it in the API?

Can you please help me to figure it out.

Thanks in advance. Appreciate your help.


You can refer to this page for the Kibana reporting integration Reporting integration | Kibana Guide [7.14] | Elastic.

Thanks @hendry.lim for your response.

Actually, I am looking out a way how to add the request of the visualization (query) in the API?

You can add the visualisation/dashboard/saved search query as part of the report generation API endpoint URL, e.g. for CSV the API URL endpoint would be: /api/reporting/generate/csv?jobParams=${rison.encode(jobParams)}

You can copy the initial report generation URL from here, for example, and then modify the queries/parameters according to your needs.

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