Is there a way to export the CSV report of a dashboard in Kibana programmatically?

I understand that Kibana dashboard allows us to show logs data in a table like structure. It also allows us to download this data in a csv file. I can also see two download links provided in the dashboard which says 'Export: Raw Formatted'.

Below is a screenshot of the same:-

But i would like to automate this process instead of having to manually download the CSV files. It there a way i can achieve this programmatically using RESTful API's or something?

Basically, i would like to get this CSV downloaded using a program in Python or Java or Shell Script. I think there must be some API that i can invoke and get this CSV file. Can someone please let me know if such a functionality exists in Kibana? By the way, we have the paid version of Kibana version 7.3.1.

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You can automate CSV report generation for sure

Hi Mikhail,

I had already gone through this link. It does not solve the use case which i had described in my post above.

The option of generating the CSV report with a POST url exists only in the Discover tab and not in the Dashboard.

What i need, is a way to export individual visualizations in the Dashboard, in the form of a CSV. As mentioned in the screenshot in my post, there is a link which allows me to export the table data as a CSV (Export Raw Formatted). But i want to achieve this programmatically. Is there any API that can allow users to perform the same functionality as this link?

Basically, i need to be able to use this API to generate the same CSV as that generated by clicking on this link which says - Export Raw Formatted.

I hope my use case is clear. If such an option is not available, can you suggest any alternatives by which i can achieve the same.

I am curious if such a solution exists. I have a similar requirement.

Sorry, I misunderstood the question. The feature you asked about, is being in development. You can track progress in

It seems that the development is on hold. When is this feature expected to roll out?

In the meanwhile, is there any other alternative to achieve this?

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Is there any response to my previous question?

Any help is much appreciated.

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