Export to csv/excel from kibana

I have the dashboard with the graphs working without any issue. One of the requirements for my project is the ability to download the file(csv/excel). In kibana the only option i saw for downloading the file is by clicking on edit button on the visualization created. Is it possible to add a link on the dashboard that would allow users to download the file without going into the edit mode. And secondly I would like to disable/hide the edit mode for anyone other than me who views the dashboard. Thanks

If you click the arrow button at the bottom of the graph on the dashboard you should see the data table, at the bottom of which you'll find the export links.

Currently we don't have functionality to modify the UI per user, but you could at least restrict users permissions to read-only if you're using Shield.

Ah! makes sense.Will check out Shield.

Hi Bargs, I'm new using Elastic. It seems to be that the functionality of exporting raw/formatted data disappeared in the last versions. Is there still a way to do it or I have to buy x-pack?

Which version are you using to generate the export details

It should still be possible to export data the same way in 6.x. The style of the arrow button changed, look for a little round button with an arrow in the bottom left corner of the visualization.

Will it be possible to do the same in version 5.6.5 without using any patches


Is this still available in Kibana 6? I'm having trouble finding the button to do CSV export in Visualize.


Yes the button should still be there at the bottom of the visualization.

I also battled to find it. It seems the button loads later than the rest of the page - a tiny littly up arrow you need to click to see the data table and do an export.


Is this button available in 7.5 versions ???

Seems to have disappeared!

The functionality is still there - click the Inspect button in the top menu to open a flyout with a "Download CSV" button:

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Available for TSVB table also? Because I can't seem to find it.

No, TSVB doesn't have this functionality

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