Download Kibana Report from outside Kibana

I am using ELK 7.9.0 version. I am able to generate dashboard report from Kibana and can download that report from inside Kibana. But my requirement is little different. I have to trigger CSV dashboard report generation from outside Kibana and get that CSV report in UNIX box where Kibana is running.
I am able to trigger report generation using below curl command from unix prompt; reports are also getting generated but not getting those CSV files in my unix filesystem. Is there any rest api call which I can make from outside Kibana and download those CSV files?

Hi @ssarnava, welcome to our community! The link below describes what we currently support for automating report generation:

Let us know if this helps.


Hi @Lizad, thanks for your prompt reply. I have already went through this link and generating CSV report using script. But I need to know how to download those CSV reports from outside Kibana.

Note: I can download report from inside Kibana (StackManagement->Alerts & Insight->reporting) but that's not my requirement.

Hi @ssarnava,

From the request to generate a report, the URL for report is returned in the JSON response. Try creating a script to poll for the URL and status code 200. Then you can download the CSV from that URL.

More details here:

Let us know if this helps. Thanks.

Hi Lizad
Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes it's working as per documentation. I missed the first part of the response where download link is present.

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