Downloading the kibana report from outside

I was trying to download report from kibana in csv format, from the discover section and outside kibana, I used the post url and as per documentation generated a path where the kibana report is there as wrtten in the documentation here -> Automating report generation | Kibana Guide [7.9] | Elastic, but when trying to open this and download it, it gives a timeout error , is there anyway to download it?

Hello @Vatsal_Sharma,

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Which version of Elastic are you using? Could you please paste the error message here?

Additionally, what is the size of the file you are trying to generate? Have you tried generating a report with less data to see if it works?

If it does work, you can try increasing the value of xpack.reporting.queue.timeout. By default, it is set to 120000 (two minutes).

Another thing you can do is check and update, if it makes sense, the CSV settings in your kibana.yml.

Hope it helps!

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