Drilldown date range bug


when you have stacked bar chart which is split by timestamp (lets say before 2019 and 2019-2022) and you create drilldown, the 2019-2022 part of bar redirects you to dashboard with correct timestamp. HOWEVER, when you click on "before 2019" part of stacked bar, it redirects you to dashboard with switched timestamp (2022-2019) and gives you errors!

Any ideas whats going on here? Its bug even in 7.16.


start date should always be less/older than end date.

End date should be latest compared to start date

Yes ofcourse I know that, but this is what Kibana does by itself when you use drilldown :smiley: So its a bug
Clicking on green "before" split bar and "Go to Dashboard"

gives you this bug.

Then you change your time in your URL drilldown.
Change URL link if its a URL drilldown or check in dashboard drilldown

Its dashboard drill down, not URL so I cant change URL.

Try re-doing it differently or else its a bug

I tried it on two different Kibana versions with two different indices and timestamps. Unfortunetally, still doing the same..

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