Drop Downs (Controls - Option Lists) are not functioning as planned

Hello! I have a dashboard using multiple Controls (options list) Drop downs (that are not linked with parents). There is one major issue, can you please advise how to correct?

  1. Suppose data element ABC is selected in drop down #1, when making another selection from drop down #2 - selection ABC is deleted from drop down #1. Meaning I am unable to make selections across multiple Drop Downs (Controls - Option Lists).

Here are the settings applied - please note this is a new issue, I haven't seen this in the past with other dashboards:

--Multiselect - ON
Allow multiple selection
--Dynamic Options - ON
Update options in response to user input

--Update Kibana filters on each change - ON
--Use time filter - OFF
--Pin filters for all applications - ON

Thank you very much for any advice you can offer!

I was able to get past this issue by creating all drop downs within a single visualization. However, from a design perspective, this limits the amount of flexibility I have. Unless there is another way to do this (fingers crossed someone knows) - please take this as a possible improvement? Thanks !

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