Drop ingest pipeline for one host

I am running 7.17 ELS and trying to drop all docs which come from one specific host

		"drop": {
          "if" : ("agent.name" == 'ABC')

I have added this as drop processor in ingest pipeline however it keeps on complaing about comple error and wont allow me to save it.

Any idea what may be wrong, i have gone thru internet for similar error however dont seem to find the root cause.

Ref: Elasticsearch ingest pipeline drop processor no worky :(

Hi @Atul_Chadha

Did you look at the docs here you have bad syntax Note the outer double quotes and the inner single quotes. Also you need to use the context ctx You should also read about null type safety and conditionals here

There's an excellent example, much like yours.

PUT _ingest/pipeline/my-pipeline
  "processors": [
      "drop": {
        "description": "Drop documents with 'network.name' of 'Guest'",
        "if": "ctx?.network?.name == 'Guest'"

Thank you! It was indeed syntax error.

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