DRP and ElasticSearch

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I have a problem of architecture (infra) : I have an ES Cluster running well. But I would lile to deploy a copy of this cluster in another site (far 1000 km) .... I would like to align in almost real time both site.

Should I set just one cluster splitted into two localisation (1000 km of distance) ?
Is there another solution ?

Thanks for your help


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Cross-data center replication is being worked on, but is not yet available. It is not recommended to split the cluster across a WAN.

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I agree.... I tested it during the last hour.... Bad idea (even if It was funny)....

Is there a way to sync Oracle or MS SQL and ES ?

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That's another question, right?

Anyway, one thing you can do to sync all that in multi DC context is by using distributed message queues like with Kafka and then in each DC add logstash to read the message queue and index in elasticsearch.

My 2 cents

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lol indeed.... It was another question sorry.... thanks for your answer :slight_smile: merci
2 cents ???? :slight_smile: Désolé en belgique on compte en bière

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