Replication to DR site, without CCR

Hi all. I was trying to find out which options exist if you want to synchronise a primary site with a DR site, both running seperate Elasticsearch clusters.

I'm aware of CCR, but it is cost prohibitive. What is the art of the possible without using CCR and what are the issues & edge cases we would need to bear in mind?

Many thanks in advance,


Easiest is probably to index/update both clusters in parallel, possibly using a message queue to enable buffering.

It is a complex problem to solve well, especially when considering various failure scenarios. That is probably why it is an enterprise feature. It is not easy, but I still think it is the easiest option available.

Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist & @riferrei for your advice.

We've conducted an analysis of the data we are storing in Elasticsearch and have identified that the business critical data is actually being saved using Filebeat & Logstash.

I think there might be a simpler approach where we synchronise the logs to the secondary application server and let them be ingested into the secondary Elasticsearch node, and vice-versa.

Any thoughts you guys have would be gladly recieved.


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