Data replication across data centers

Dear Team,

Regarding data replication between data centers, I have a quick question.

To replicate the data between data centers, we have several options.

  1. cross cluster replication
  2. taking snapshot from prod and moving it to DR site

We wish to test the following option.

We operate two data centers ( prod and DR). All of the data will be added to the production datacenter. and once we switch to DR, we relocate a specific file system copy to the DR data center.
"/var/lib/elasticsearch/indices" is where all of the elasticsearch data is kept.

Will I receive the same copy in the DR site if I move the indices data from prod to the DR data center?

Do we need to copy any references or are there any restrictions?

Is it correct approach ?

please suggest ....


Using the snapshot and restore APIs is the only supported way to backup an Elasticsearch cluster. As outlined in the documentation, restoring from file system snapshots is not guaranteed (maybe not even likely) to work and may result in corruption and data loss.

Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist for your quick response. I tried taking file system copy and moved to different server but it didnt worked. Thank You.

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