DSL range query omits valid hits

I'm making this below query in Kibana (Dev Tools tab). The event I'm specifically looking for has the timestamp (unix epoch) of "1544061136965" (17:52:16 PST). The problem is, when I do a range query as below, with a time range greater than 1 minute, the event with timestamp, that I stated earlier in this post stops appearing in the results.
Example-1: The event appears in the query result if I use this 1 minute time range:

"gte" : 1544061120000 (i.e. 17:52:00)
"lte": 1544061180000 (i.e. 17:53:00)

Example-2: However, if the range is longer than 1 minute, my desired event does not show up

"gte" : 1544061060000  (i.e. 17:51:00)
"lte": 1544061180000 (i.e. 17:53:00)

Could anyone tell me why this is happening?

  "query": {
   "range": {
     "logEvents.timestamp": {
       "gte": "1544061060000",
       "lte": "1544061180000"

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