Duplicate entries in Kibana - but Showing unique _id for each entry

Dear Supports,

Kibana is showing duplicate entries in the dashboard but its creating unique _id's for each entry.

Highlighted the unique ids. But all the messages are same. Not sure why this is happening ?

Hi Vishnu,

It looks like the same documents are being indexed multiple times. How are you adding documents to Elasticsearch?

Also, have you tried searching the forums for anybody having a similar problem? Take a look at these results for "duplicate documents": https://discuss.elastic.co/search?q=duplicate%20documents. It looks like there are a lot of threads on this topic. Maybe someone has found a solution that fits your situation?


Hi CJ,

Thanks for the response.

Currrently i am using the ouput elasticsearch filter.

output {
elasticsearch {
hosts => [""]
action => "index"

Hi Vishnu, I'm not very familiar with this part of our stack. Would you mind asking in the Logstash and Elasticsearch forums? I think you'll have more luck there.