Duplicates were found [.kibana (alias of [.kibana_2/gSBnpInZS6KXHw6xXlP7AA])]"

Hi All, i'm using Elasticsearch 7.3.0 in kubernetes and Openshift with client,data and master pods, whenever data pod is deleted and after recreated pod i'm getting below error.

{"type": "server", "timestamp": "2021-12-13T14:09:21,193+0000", "level": "DEBUG", "component": "o.e.a.ActionModule", "cluster.name": "Elasticsearch", "node.name": "Elasticsearch-data", "message": "Using REST wrapper from plugin org.Elasticsearch.xpack.security.Security" }
{"type": "server", "timestamp": "2021-12-13T14:09:21,792+0000", "level": "ERROR", "component": "o.e.g.GatewayMetaState", "cluster.name": "Elasticsearch", "node.name": "Elasticsearch-data", "message": "failed to read or upgrade local state, exiting..." ,
"stacktrace": ["java.lang.IllegalStateException: index and alias names need to be unique, but the following duplicates were found [.kibana (alias of [.kibana_2/gSBnpInZS6KXHw6xXlP7AA])]",

Once i delete the .kibana_2 and .kibana_1 index i'm loosing the index pattern and dashboards in kibana. It's not good for me to delete every time.

If anyone knows it will be great helpful to me.
Thanks in advance.

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