Dynamic individual chart

Hi, I need to create 10 individual charts for a list of top 10 count of X field.
For example, chart 1 is the chart for the value with id = 1 in the top 10 list, chart 2 is the chart for the value id = 2 in the top 10 list. And when the top 10 changes, the charts also changed automatically.

Maybe you know how i can create its?


I think more information would be required to understand your problem here: are we talking about creating different types of charts based on this list of terms retrieved from ES, or are all these charts just a filtered version of the same type?

Also, are we talking about the development of a new plugin for Kibana or something without development required?

HI, for example. I create top-10 list, where i have 1. X1, 2. X2, 3. X3 and eth.
I need create for each value one type chart, but for each individual chart. In result I want to have 1 list(top 10, where value every time changed) and 10 individual charts for each value(same type). Since the top 10 list is constantly changing, I cannot set a value filter in the charts. I want to try to bind to id in the list(chart 1 - id 1 in list, chart 2 - id 2 and eth.).

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