Create a Chart by specific field value

Hello guys,
i am struggling in creating a nice chart for the following data:

Every minute I'm collecting the current Thread count of my JVM.

Timestamp, Thread Count
Sat Oct 08 15:02:00 2016, 10
Sat Oct 08 15:03:00 2016, 10
Sat Oct 08 15:04:00 2016, 12
Sat Oct 08 15:05:00 2016, 13
Sat Oct 08 15:06:00 2016, 10

I like to have line chart where I can see how many threads are active at point in time.
How can I create such a chart with Kibana 4 using the parsed ThreadCount and not the count of lines...?

Is thread count in its own field and mapped as a number? If it is, then you should be able to see it when selecting a metric field:

If it's not in its own field, it will need to be parsed something like logstash.

Yes, that was exactly the problem that the field wasnt converted to an integer value. Therefore this selection was not possible. Thanks for helping me out!