Issue in generating line graph

Hi All,

I needed help in plotting a line graph for a field called @threads.
Threads are basically the number of Virtual users who have executed a particular application.

For example, there might be 10 entries in the log for an application from 10 different sources.

  1. @threads=20
    2)@threads= 10
    3)@threads =5

and so on.

So i need a graph, where X axis are the dates, and y axis is the threads... 20,10,5.

But when am trying, its giving option of sum, count , average ,min,max... aggregation and thats not what i am looking for.

Is there a way to do this? Please help.

What if there are several documents that fall within a time bucket? - you have to choose min, average, max depending on what you want it to do in such cases. For example for resource usage metrics I choose "max" so that the graph shows the worst case for any time bucket.

The criteria is i want to just plot the all the entries from the log.
If there are 5 entries per day , for a week. I would want the timings on X axis and all the user entry on Y. so totally 35 entries.

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