I want to visualize the plots for thread level heap details

i have the documents which contains the thread name, thread-id, cpu & memory details.. I want to plot the graphs for each individual thread for cpu as well as memory...
My document looks like as follows
@timestamp Sep 8, 2019 @ 11:43:21.344
** @version:1**
** CPU_Utilization: 50.4**
** Memory_Utilization:11.3**
** Thread_Id:7,066**
** Thread_Name:DestroyJavaVM**
** _id :mkt6lWwBLY3hcg1TvN1p**
** _index :threadlevelheap**
** _score - **
** _type :_doc**
** host :localhost.localdomain**
** logdate: 08/09/19 09:13:21 344**
** message:08/09/19 09:13:21 344|7066|DestroyJavaVM|0.0|11.3**
** path:/usr/data/samplethread.txt**
Can any one suggest me how to visualize these plots for each thread level
Note: my script is running for every 2 mins , which will give all thread level details at the same timestamp
Example: Let us assume, when the script runs first time @ 08/15/19 9:00:10 it has given 130 threads with same time stamp

Do you want to visualize this data over time? If so, create a new vis of the type you'd like, put a date histogram on the x-axis, and then create a sub-bucket with a terms agg on the thread id or thread name field. Then add the metrics you'd like to the y-axis and you should see those metrics per thread id/name.

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