Dynamic labels

(Danny) #1

How can I dynamical edit the labels from a pie chart?

I have a pie chart with web response codes. it would be nice to script something to edit the shown labels from the pie chart so I can add some comments like:

if (statuscode = 200){
pieLabel.set "200 - OK"}

(Brandon Kobel) #2

@DannyM you can use the Filters aggregation to do something similar, hopefully this screenshot provides proper explanation:

(Danny) #3

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your answer,

it's not the whole answer i expected but it's a nice trick.

only thing left for me is i cant describe al codes so the most used i wil label but how can i show the remaining as code without adding a filter

so I label 200-ok and 404-error now i also want to display the unkown other codes comming in.

(Brandon Kobel) #4

@DannyM you can also use a Scripted Field in Kibana to do this and you can write whatever code you want to determine these labels.

(system) #5

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