Dynamic mapping for geo_point

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He all,

I have a dynamic mapping in my ES 5.6.10 index template to make some fields geo_point aware - to store longitute and latitude in this field.

            "geo_map": {
              "match": "*_geolocation",
              "mapping": {
                "type": "geo_point"

When now values are store in a field that (should) match the above dynamic mapping like dst_addr_geolocation with the value 51.0,9.0 IMHO the field should be added with the wanted mapping. But when I check the mapping of the new created index I get just the following:

         "dst_addr_geolocation": {
            "type": "text"

Which looks like the default mapping is used. Did I miss something from the documentation on this topic or is this as it should and I just understand the docs wrongs?

thank you for your help.

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