Dynamic Template Mapping for Geo Point Field

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Is dynamic mapping for geo point still working in Elastic Search 2.x/5.x?

This is the template:

        "template": "*",
        "mappings": {
            "_default_": {
                "dynamic_templates": [
                        "geo_point_type": {
                            "match_mapping_type": "string",
                            "match": "t_gp_*",
                            "mapping": {
                                "type": "geo_point"

This is the error I get when I query the field:

"reason": "failed to parse [geo_bbox] query. field [t_gp_lat-long@en] is expected to be of type [geo_point], but is of [string] type instead"

I seems to remember that I saw somewhere in the documentation that this doesn't work, but I thought that's only when there is no dynamic template at all.

Any idea?

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