Dynamic Mapping works in production?


I am trying to onboard multiple pipelines with different fields. May know how to create mapping for each pipeline data automatically.

As i know dynamic mapping will not create proper type for each field.
ex: for integer fields it will create text type.

Please let me know solution for this.


Automatic creation of mappings rely on dynamic mappings. There is no other way to create mappings automatically. As long as you send numbers as numbers in JSON ( "number_field": 17 and not "number_field": "17" ) dynamic mappings should not map them as strings. You can also to some extent control the rules behind dynamic mapping through index templates, e.g. if you want all text fields to be mapped as keyword instead of the standard dual text/keyword mapping.

Thanks @Christian_Dahlqvist

Can i use "number field" indexed as text/keyword for creating metrics?


No. It has to be mapped as a numeric type.

Thank you so much.

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