Dynamically changing pages

Wondering whether it is possible to dynamically switch dashboards or canvas sheets? If so how?

Just some context on my use case, i currently use ELK to ingest application log files. The application are are hosted in various environments and i have 3 tv screens that show summaries on each of the applications. The idea is to have these 3 screens show the summaries, and when an alert goes off (whether a drop in the number of messages received, or too may of a specific event occurs), the canvas page automatically switches to a page that focuses on that specific environment.

Any ideas?

Using an alert to trigger a change in the UI is not something we support. Some workarounds might be:

  • Trigger something else on the alert, like a link to the page you want
  • Set a Canvas workpad to go through pages on a timer
  • Rewrite all the elements in Canvas to be conditional on some other query

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