Dynamically choice in second option list


I made a dashboard that contains a control visualization with two option lists (A and B, A is parent of B ).
Is there any way for the second option list to be filled "automatically" when I have choosen something in the first option list?

Hello @Voula_Mikr -

You can set a parent control on the second option list. If you're running a recent version of the elastic stack you can look at the sample data, particularly the Global Flight Dashboard which makes use of this feature.

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the prompt answer.
I have already use the parent control. The question is if there is any way for kibana to automatically choose an option (for example the first one) for the secont option list when I have choosen something for the first one.

Unfortunately not.

I've created an issue you can follow - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/69997

Please feel free to provide more info in the github issue.


Ok, thank you Matthew :slight_smile:

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