Dynamically getting iframe code Kibana Dashboard

(Mackmilan Selva) #1

Hi, in Kibana, users are able to get the embedded iframe code in their dashboards. I was wondering if there's an API that allows me to dynamically get the iframe codes without having to open kibana and manually copy the codes every time?

(Joe Fleming) #2

There's not an API or programatic way, no. However, the format in the URL is predictable, and the global state (data in the _g query param) and app state (the _a param) can be used to control what you see in the iframe.

For example, if I add extension:jpg in the query bar, I'll see it reflected in the app state parm as query:(language:lucene,query:'extension:jpg'). This is JSON data that is rison encoded. You can read more about how that works in the library's readme.

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