Get kibana chart in our web application

there is any way we can integrate kibana dashboard in our web application
i know 2 approach -

1 - iframe ( but here i can apply filter in run time )
2 - call ES API ( we did this and after getting aggregated data we using D3 library to render chart )

there is any better approach for this ?

Hey @DILIP_SHARMA, using an iframe is the recommended approach. There isn't a "supported" and future-proof way to dynamically add filters via the URL, but all of the filters are currently exposed via the URL using Rison Encoding.

We have an issue to track the interactivity with Dashboards when shared via an iframe here that if you want to share your usage or give it a +1, it'll help us prioritize it appropriately.

Alternatively, you might experiment with include an "Input Control" to the Dashboard which you are sharing, which will allow the user to dynamically change the fitlers from within the embedded Dashboard. Dashboard input controls are discussed here

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