What are the options to integrate interactive graphs into my webapp?


I'm looking for a library to display data from ES (graphs and statistics, charts) in my frontend and I would like to be able to add filters like date filters to these components.
Is there something specifically for ES? Maybe something that allows me to query ES directly from the frontend and display the result?

I know that you can create a dashboard in kibana and export it as iframe, but this is kinda limited. I have not found a way to export only specific views instead of the whole dashboard, and there are not many options to set up the filters like I need them. If I export each view as it's own dashboard I have a problem because I can't properly scale the view also it shows more options than I need.

I also found GitHub - elastic/elastic-charts: Elastic Charts library, but this library only has charts and no filters out of the box. Maybe there is something else?

iframe embedding is the way supported best - can you better describe the limitations you are running into?

there are not many options to set up the filters like I need them

You can express every possible filter via the iframe URL or as part of the saved object. What exactly are you missing?

it shows more options than I need

If this is about the controls on top of the page, you should be able to configure this when grabbing the embed code from the UI:

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