Displaying exported Kibana dashboards with JavaScript?


We are using the Enterprise Elasticsearch and Kibana to do a variety of tasks behind firewalls in client production environments. Primarily we are doing various monitoring tasks and running machine learning models I built to do forecasting. We have a public-access endpoint system (Node.js) that is used to display data to employees and clients.

I need to export the Kibana dashboards I've built and somehow display them on the internet side of the firewalls. Is there a JavaScript framework or library that can do this? I can get *.ndjson files but how do we interpret them?

PDF's, PNG's, or iFrames will not work here because we need dynamic plots that update based on filters, etc., and the iFrame URL is not accessible from the system that needs to render the stuff.

Thank you!

Using an iframe is really the only way to display data that came from Kibana in another page. You said that is not an option here, but that is the method that was built to support this use case. There isn't a way to go from the exported ndjson files back to the data: they're just configuration for Kibana saved objects.

Thank you for your input, Tim.

For now it looks like we are going to create a separate space in a Kibana instance and watch user access carefully while we finish the development. That way we can get some results going to the right people and work on a long term solution in the meantime.

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