Embed Kibana graphics in enduser projects


I'm fairly new to kibana (but not to ElasticSearch) and always implemented charts myself. But as kibana looks really powerful I would like to 'export' certain charts to the dashboard of my customers. Is there a blog post or something which describes this process like the necessary JS files and problems?

For example you can already export charts via an iframe, but using the raw kibana URL there would be a severe security hole (?). Instead I would like to point the kibana chart to use my middle 'layer' with only one parameter (time filter) and which then requests ElasticSearch with the full request and returns the (unmodified) ElasticSearch response.

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also snapshotting Kibana charts in static svg/png/jpg formats should be useful

We discussed this in this thread, you can use the share button to get an iframe link you can then use.