Embed a webpage in Kibana dashboard

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We have java ESB running and the application logs are ingested into ELK. The ESB has its own console to display app status which we would like to bring it inside the Dashboard (may be an iframe) which we have built for the log monitoring. any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @RSundareswaran,

Try using the Markdown Visualization to render an iframe on a dashboard.


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Thanks for the reply @chrisronline can you get some samples, please? I tried but couldnt render as a page rather the link is displayed and when clicked it takes to the page in a new tab.

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Hi @RSundareswaran,

I apologize. It's actually not supported to use iframes within the Markdown Visualization.

It is possible to create a custom plugin that can accomplish this.

See: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/plugin-development.html


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