How can I split kibana dashboard?

I downloaded kibana open source (v7.8.1).
I was wondering that how can I share dashboard area.
I want the dashboard to be run in half. And the other half would like to have my website run using iframe.
however I have no idea.. How can I do this..

could u help me plz..!


What you don't know how to do?
Split the dashboard or create an iFrame?

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  1. Split the dashboard
  2. I don't know which part(kibana code) to use iframe.

cuz I've just started to develope


It is not supported as far as I know.

So question 1 is not relevant, I guess.

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umm okay thank u!
and could you help me one more thing?
where do I have to insert iframe code in kibana?
there're so many codes
So I couldn't find it..

I am not sure what you are after.
You may consider building a plugin for that.

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