Integrating kibana with our application?

We can integrate Kibana using iframe but it will create problem in our case. Because In our case for example if I have one dashboard that want to reuse for 1000 users and the dashboard data should be filtered based on the access of users. I mean all 1000 users will see the dashboard based on their accessible data.I dont want to create 1000 saved searches for each userid, visualizations, dahsboards. There must be a way to have just one generic dashboard that show all data but then you can pass query string from the website iframe to embed inside website but show each user their own dashboard data.

Hey @Amit_Chauhan,

It sounds like you'd benefit from enabling Document Level Security. This will allow you to specify at a role level, which users should have access to what documents within Elasticsearch. Kibana will respect these settings when querying data for your dashboards, so you'll be able to create a single dashboard, but each user will have a different view of the data, based on their configured permissions.

Would that work for you, or is there something I'm missing?

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