Establish a user with limited ability to change dashboard filtering

In visualizations, I made two option lists , option list A and option list B, in order to filter my data and i added this in a dashboard. Option list A is "parent" of option list B and has as options option1 and option2. Is it possible to establish a user who ,for example, in iframe will see the data filtered with option1 and cannot delete this filtering?
Thank you in advance!

Hey @Voula_Mikr, I'd recommend creating an Elasticsearch role that uses document level security. This will filter all of the Elasticsearch data to the subset the user should see.

Would you ideally like for Kibana to be embedded in an iframe into an existing site? Or were you attempting to use the iframe just to enforce the input controls constraints?

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the response.
I would like to embed Kibana in an iframe into a website.

@Voula_Mikr, would you like to embed Kibana in such a way that they're always authenticating as the same user? Or is Kibana being embedded in an application which has it's own authentication, and you'd like the user/privileges to be dynamic?

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