Allow a user to filter and drill down Kibana widgets

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I have replicated some data in an ElasticSearch index. I'm going to create one or more widgets and then embed them in an existing web application.

My question is:
To allow the user to enter terms for filtering, do I need to create a custom Html View with a button and then show a Kibana widget or is there a Kibana feature to provide a input form for filtering widget and embed it in an existing UI?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Riccardo,

Here's one thing you can do to give users a selection from a list of terms.

  1. I created a Data Table view using a Terms aggregation on machine.os.raw
  2. I created a Line Chart with a Date Histogram of the Count of docs.
  3. I added both of these to a new Dashboard in Kibana
  4. I clicked the Share menu item and copied the embedded iframe link
  5. I put that in an html file and then opened it
  6. now I can click the "+" icon to add a filter for any of those values and then impacts the line chart
  7. I have to delete or disable each filter before adding another one since no docs would match 2 of those filters.

I don't think there's a way to have the actual query bar visible in an embedded iframe from Kibana. I see some enhancement requests for something like that.

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Thanks, this helps


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