Dynatrace module for metricbeat

Hi there

I saw recently the module prometheus for metricbeat. Is the a module for dynatrace already on the roadmap?


Not on the roadmap yet. Are you looking for a module monitoring dynatrace itself or does dynatrace have something similar to prometheus exporter which you would to see support for?

Currently, I'm just investigating the options because Dynatrace is used in my company. I've found the following:

The new option that Nic mentioned is getting introduced with Dynatrace 6.3 (released Feb 29 2016 - so - next monday). We call it "PureLytics Stream" which streams data via JSON to an HTTP Endpoint. The main integration point for that is ElasticSearch but you can use any data endpoint as it is simply JSON. You find more information in the Dynatrace 6.3 Release Notes

Not sure whether metricbeat should pull the information or dynatrace pushes to Elasticsearch.

Metricbeat already has quite a few helpers in place to fetch data from a REST API. So it should be fairly easy to add a module with metricsets for it (contributions welcome :wink: ).

What would your use case look like. Would you like to monitor dynatrace or get the monitoring data out of dynatrace? Which data are you looking for?

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