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Hi guys, I am wondering who's know an easy alternative solution to display syslog results dashboard (RAM CPU, TEMP), and MAP (geopip) dashboard for home solution running on 1 or 2 PI (not heavy solution) . 1 Event every 10 minutes. The solution need mostly to be documented accurately so that we can find solution easily. Sill looking desperately here or in the www for efficient tips on elasticsearch.



have you tried it on a pie?

I have a quite similar project on an odroid xu4 (arm, 2gb RAM, 8core).
I did not get very far due to lack of time and other priorities, but at least I got it start.

kibana is a bit tricky on arm because you need to use nodejs. I think the main bottleneck would be memory, especially on pi with 1GB.

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Elastisearch working like a charm average load 1, CPU 759M/1G. 20000 hits/day most f/w hits

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