Easy Install

I need an easy and repeatable way to install Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Elastic Agent for a demo.
I don't care about security or scalability.
Can anyone point me to directions for how to do that?
I tried using the docker-compose instructions (Install Elasticsearch with Docker | Elasticsearch Guide [8.1] | Elastic)
Unfortunately, that does not include Elastic Agent.
When I tried to combine that deployment with the instructions for installing ElasticAgent using docker compose (Run Elastic Agent in a container | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.1] | Elastic)
I ran into all kinds of trouble with docker networking, certificates, and enrollment tokens that I haven't been able to solve.

Man do I ever have the script for you

It works great and as long as you tweak your JVM heap memory and mem_limit in the script 1st it should install very easily without errors.


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