Easy way to monitor ElasticSearch

I want a easy way to monitor Elasticsearch.
What I found is Metricbeat. But it seems to be very extensive.
For my purpose it is enough to see green, yellow, red and it would be nice to have if the administrator gets a message when the status changes to yellow or red.
What is a easy way to monitor Elasticsearch?

You can use watcher to do something like that. I'd still recommend turning on Stack Monitoring for a cluster though, which can be done through metricbeat like you've found, or "self monitoring" can be turned on through the kibana user interface.

There is the _health endpoint

The easiest way is using the _cluster/health endpoint, it will return a json response where the status will be in a key named status.

You may write a little script in bash or python for example that would query this endpoint and trigger something depending on the status.

I had something like this a couple of time ago.

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