EC2 Kibana SSL behind AWS ELB

I know this question has been asked in different contexts - but I wanted to post this in order to get an understanding of what specifically needs to be done at the ELB end

We have 2 Kibana EC2 Instances running on ssl.enabled = true using a self-styled certificate. Our ELB is also RECEIVING requests on HTTPs and forwarding to the EC2s on the HTTPS:443 Listener configuration. I'm trying to discover the cause why the traffic isn't flowing - however, for my understanding (and limited understanding of HTTPS handshake) - is there anything I have to do to make the ELB "aware" of the Kibana self-styled certificate?

This is my SSL config in Kibana.yml.

server.ssl.cert: /etc/certs/certificate.crt
server.ssl.key: /etc/certs/private.key
server.ssl.enabled: true

On the EC2 Instance - the curl is working perfectly FYI

curl -k https://localhost:5601

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