ECE Cloud UI shows incorrect info of node roles

I notice that Cloud UI shows incorrect info of node roles.

For example, my ece has 3 node with full roles as below.

But UI shows that 2 of all nodes has no roles which actually has all roles.

I think this might show when admin-console-es data is out of sync with zookeeper.

Is this a known bug? Any progress or idea to fix this?


That is a known bug - the workaround is to add/remove (or remove/add) the proxy role (any role, but that one is safest :slight_smile: )

I think this API call will fix it too, though I haven't personally tried it:

I think the trigger for the bug is a host reboot maybe? So not that common. I don't think we've fixed it yet but it's on our list...

Just as you say, I reboot all ece node host and met this bug.


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