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Anyone else having issues with the Cloud Admin UI not showing the correct status for clusters in the cluster overview? In the detailed view everything is correct but in the overview a cluster with no pending changes can still be pending and the version might differ from the correct one too.
The status might also be lost entirely.

In this case the Serilog - PROD cluster is a 6.3.0 with no pending changes.


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Hey @iremmats,

It normally takes a few seconds for the status to update on the overview page, when retreiving the information for a specific cluster it is fetched on demand so there could be a short period where the overview page still haven't been updated.

Can you please confirm that you are using ECE 1.1.4, and that the change was an upgrade from versions 6.2.2 to 6.3.0.


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This has been like this for several days. We are using ECE 1.1.4 and this cluster was upgraded from 6.2.2 to 6.3.0.

Of our total 20 clusters 11 are in a status where not information seems to be fetched. A few (like the one above) is not the latest state.

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@iremmats, thanks for confirming.
Tried to replay this scenario on my end, but was unable to reproduce.
If you open the developers tools (in chrome) >> Network tab, and then navigate to the overview page, do you see any errors when ECE retrieves the information from the following request:

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It doesnt return any errors but it seems the json structure is kind of broken. If I take a look at the response body in notepad++ and do json formatting it looks like this. It says there should be 20 results but it seems like it is just 3 hits and the other results are inside the third result.


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Here is an example of where the json returned seems to be not very well formatted.

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Hey @iremmats,

Is it possible for you to upload the json response as a file? (please make sure to scrub any personal information, if there is any in the clusters names, etc.).

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Hmm there are quite a lot of stuff I want to remove from the file before I put it here in the public forums. If I send a copy to our Elastic Support Antonio, can you get it via a ticket number?

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Got it. If you have an active subscription I would advise to move this thread to be handled by support where it will be easier to share logs, and other information that will help troubleshooting this issue.

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Have sent more logs to support now.

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