ECE Self-Hosted Network Diagram Questions

A lot of the finer details of the director(and ECE in general) seem to be obfuscated from the administrators/users likely by design for simplicity.

However for compliance purposes I need to be able to create traffic flow network diagrams, and I'm finding creating an accurate network diagram for ECE is challenging.

Anyway - My question is this: I'm referencing the ECE documentation here Networking prerequisites | Elastic Cloud Enterprise Reference [2.11] | Elastic to help guide myself through creating my own network diagram for my environment; but the documentation is vague and I think may even be inaccurate.

Hoping someone can clarify some of the following questions:

In the diagram number "1" shows the director listens on 2112 for "ZooKeeper ensemble discovery/joining (TCP)" - It shows that the traffic is only happening internally within the director host but that doesn't make any sense to me since the director (from what I understand) handles all of the certificates and encryption for the proxy; and zookeeper essentially is the database for the entire ECE cluster. So the question is why does the network diagram not show any outbound traffic from the director host? Wouldn't you expect zookeeper to talk to the allocators? And the director to talk to the proxy, and any service that needs a certificate?

I'm having trouble finding documentation or trainings on the ports/network traffic, the diagram I linked above has very vague descriptions for the ports purposes.

Thank you for your help!

Follow up - Are there any communities outside of this form for ECE support/help? A subreddit or discord perhaps?

Have you reached out to Elastic Support? You also seem to have placed this post in the wrong category so may want to correct that.

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I have, but they are kind of overwhelmed with a bunch of other questions we had to ask them.

I had a gut feeling I was posting in the wrong spot, what would the correct forum be?

EDIT: I think I fixed it?

Yes, that seems like a better category.

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