Curator on ECE 2.4.3

In our Elastic Stack environment we've been using Curator successfully, and we're planning on migrating to ECE which I've been building. I've been given direction to get Curator to work in ECE, but what I've been reading about it looks like it runs only in docker containers. Is it possible to get Curator to run in ECE like ILM does by default, or will I have to put up Curator docker containers running along side ECE?

Unfortunately it's necessary to run curator separately

I believe the long term functionality is for all "curator like" functionality to reside in ILM so we don't have any plans to add support for that ... out of curiosity is there curator functionality you need that isn't ILM (or is it more than curator is a known entity for you)?


Thanks that's what I thought. I'll take this back to my management.

It's because Curator is the known entity.

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