ECE v2

Does anyone know when the version released to Elastic Cloud on August 1st is going to be available on ECE?

Hi @crickes

We intend to ship these features, and specifically the ability to have multiple HW profiles, cluster templates and machine learning with ECE 1.2. We don't comment on release dates publicly I'm afraid, but this is pretty close so stay tuned :slight_smile:


Looking forward to it, just getting frustrated waiting for it as ML is one of the key features for us and seems to keep getting pushed back. Last conversation I had with our account manager said we would have it by 1st August.

@crickes you can enable ML in 1.1, just add edit to the user setting for your cluster and add true. This will make all of your nodes be able to run ML jobs. That said, this is not the optimal way to do and we recommend that production clusters have dedicated ML nodes rather than co-locating data and ML together on the same node. So with 1.1 you should be careful not to overload your nodes with ML jobs.
The ability to create dedicated ML nodes is what we're going to support in the upcoming ECE release.


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